Do you supply moving boxes and packing materials for customers to pack by themselves?

We would rather you left it to us to do the hard work as our industry professionals are the experts when it comes to how best to pack and protect your valuables when moving. However, if you feel comfortable handling the task yourself to the necessary standard and would really rather do it yourself, we’re happy to provide you with the necessary high quality packing materials. Get in touch with one of our team members today to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

Does your moving service include boxes and packing materials?

Packing to move to a new property is something that a lot of people have grown to dread, so if you are thinking about making a move in the near future then this is something that you will have to start thinking about. One thing that you can do however is to use our packing services, as we can provide you with all of the boxes and packing materials that you might need. This means that there is nothing to be concerned about as our team can take care of everything, so your move is going to be in good hands.

Do you offer a flat-pack furniture assembly service?

Building flat pack furniture isn’t as easy as it looks on the instructions, and because of this you may often find that it is something that takes much longer than you might have hoped. If you know that you don’t have the time to set aside for this then our flat pack assembly service is perfect, as it means that you can enjoy the results of your purchase without having to go through the stress of building it yourself. This means that all of your furniture can be in place before you know it, leaving you able to stop worrying about it.

Do you offer same-day removals services?

Having things removed from your property can often feel as though it takes a lot of work, and this means that you will want it to be done as quickly as possible. With this in mind, our same-day removals service could be the ideal thing for you, as it means that you can have everything moved quickly and professionally. Our team can attend at a time to suit you, and will work hard to make sure that we can get the job done as quickly as possible, giving you peace of mind that everything is in hand with your move.

Are you fully insured?

We believe that your items are all as important as each other, and because of this we always do everything in our power to make sure that they are looked after during the process of making any kind of move. With this being true, the insurance that we hold is extensive, which means that everything is taken care of for you. No matter what might happen during your move, we can put it right thanks to our insurance, so you will always be safe in the knowledge that we take care of everything that you entrust us within the best possible way.